Apple 1 schematics

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Sat Jan 18 21:27:59 2003

On Sat, 18 Jan 2003, chris wrote:

> In reading my copy of Collectible Microcomputers (yes yes, you all get
> it by now, I like the book... ok, I'll stop refering to it after
> this)... I noticed in the Apple Computer section a mention of how
> Apple's first customers were the folks that got schematics for the Apple
> 1 when it was first shown at Home Brew.
> Although I already knew that they alledgedly gave out schematics... I
> began to wonder A: did they really (probably) and B: do any copies exist
> anywhere?
> I thought it might be a fun project to try an build an Apple 1 from the
> schematics... just as the first users probably did. So, does anyone know
> if they are available, or does anyone have a copy and might want to send
> me a set? Or are copies just as elusive as the Apple 1 itself and there
> is no shot in ever getting them.

Ok, I guess its time I post on the list about this...

I've been thinking about this very project for sometime. The main problems
that I came up with are:
 1. certain parts are difficult to find
 2. ROM source and/or binary image availability
 3. re-creating the pc boards

The first problem should be possible to overcome either by finding a stock
of surplus parts, or should significant demand exist, having the parts
made by a company that specializes in fabricating out of production parts.
I've actually looked into the later a couple times in the past, and the
prices didn't seem to be out of line. I've even wondered if it would be
possible to get a copy of the mask from Intel for say the i8008 or i4004
and have reproductions made.

The second and third problems may be slightly more difficult to overcome.
One option would be to find an Apple 1, dump the ROMs, carefully unsolder
all the parts and scan each side of the cleaned pc boards. The scanned
images can then be used to create gerber files. I personally don't have
the funds to go out and buy an Apple 1, and I don't know of anyone who
would give up one just for it to be taken to bits.

Another option for the second and third problems is to contact Woz and see
if he would be willing to help. I have so far restrained myself from
emailing him, since I know he gets tons and tons of emails, including
people asking him if he has an Apple 1 he could give them, etc. I'd
imagine Woz would very much like to see the Apple 1 preserved, but it
would probably take him quite a bit of time to find all the docs and info
that we'd need.

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