AM100 Emulator

From: Kirk Barrett <>
Date: Sun Jan 19 02:33:05 2003

Thank you! This is incredible. I can't believe you wrote an AM100
emulator, and not only that, HOW FAST you've done it. It works great,
too! This is just fabulous. I cannot believe my eyes. I can't wait
for the 1.0 release! Is this a pure hobby for you? I am a 16 year
coder, and i gotta say, i am 100% humbled by your work. This is just
amazing. I am a huge AM fan and OASYS (old theos) for Z80 fan. I have
Theos, but i sold my old am100 w/ 2 cdc hawks years ago (and believe me
- i am pissed beyond reproach that i did that!!! )
Nice work, mike!
Kirk Barrett
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