HP 2100 cpu plea

From: Bob Shannon <bshannon_at_tiac.net>
Date: Sun Jan 19 08:09:01 2003


Last I heard, your memory section was flakey. Now the I/O system is not

What exactly is the problem?

I've never been impressed with the HP2100A's, but we should be able to
figure out whats wrong
and fix it.

The biggest problem is going to be finding replacement chips, as much of
the machine is not TTL. But if we
can narrow it down to a board or chip, I think we can get your CPU
running again.

Jay West wrote:

>Ok folks, I'm officially desperate. I can't figure out what is wrong with
>the 2100 IOP cpu memory section on my 2000/Access system. So, just thought
>I'd post this to the list....forgive my begging, it isn't pretty *Grin*
>Anyone have a working HP 2100 cpu available? I will pay real $$$ at this
>point, or trade probably just about anything I have for one. If anyone has
>one they will sell, or trade for, or give away to a place (me) that will
>actually use it and not throw it on a shelf, I would like to know. I'd also
>welcome any leads as to where one might be stored, etc. Or, as an
>alternative, if anyone has a magical device that will instantly transfer all
>of Tony Duell's repair knowledge and ability to my brain, that might work ;)
>FYI - I need either a 2100A or 2100S cpu. Don't need or want any 21MX or
>1000 type cpus.
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