Got the second batch of -11 equipment

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Sun Jan 19 16:18:48 2003

On Sunday, January 19, 2003, at 05:53 AM, Witchy wrote:
>>> There should be a small 2x1 panel on the side of the drive under
>>> where
>>> the
>>> latch is - take this panel off and you'll be able to open the lid by
>>> manually moving the lock.
>> ...on some drives. I have two RL drives here that don't have the
>> little release hatch.
> I didn't know that - all the drives I've come across in all me years
> working
> for VARs I've not come across a drive that didn't have the access
> panel. Are
> yours older drives? Maybe the panel was added later because getting
> the lid
> open without it is a right royal PITA.......

   They might be. Next time I'm in one of those racks I'll check the
manufacturing dates.

> and NOW I'm thinking 'if I know it's a pain to get the lid off without
> the
> panel maybe I DID see some drives without it' :)

   Yeah...You can open the lid from a dead drive (or when it's
inconvenient to get power to it) by unscrewing the rear top lid,
lifting it up, and sliding it back a little bit. That is a real pain


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