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From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Sun Jan 19 16:21:19 2003

I wrote:
>> Demonstrably false. UCLA has restored many films that the
>> studios weren't willing to spend a penny on; some still in
>> copyright but most expired. In general they've done a much
>> better restoration job than the studios usually do.

Wayne M. Smith wrote:
> Perhaps I need to write a bit more clearly. The antecedent for "this
> simply doesn't happen" in my post is "studios . . . spend huge amounts
> of money to restore the prints for issue in DVD format." UCLA, last
> time I looked, is not a studio. Academia is almost always an exception
> to any general rule.

If you're trying to argue that works entering the public domain don't
get preserved, you can't simply choose to ignore academia on the basis
that it's an inconvenient data point that doesn't fit your model.
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