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Date: Sun Jan 19 19:41:01 2003

On Jan 19, 11:12, Jules Richardson wrote:

> > Well, someone else has offered to copy Disc 1 for me. I've also found
> > few other people who have ARM Evaluation Systems, so once I get a good
> > 1, I'll put the set of six on my website (and if anyone from any of the
> > Beeb sites wants to make a copy, that's fine by me). Any suggestions
as to
> > format to use for the images?
> I expect you know far more about this than I do! "Pete's own undocumented
> format" is probably not a good idea :-)

No, probably not :-) The trick with Acorn files is preserving the load
and execute addresses. A spark archive will do that, but as far as I know,
there's no spark dearchiver for a Beeb. It would be easy on an Archimedes
or a RISC PC, but not everyone will have one of those -- and even if they
did, they might not have a way to attach a 5.25" drive to it.

I'm open to suggestions...

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