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Date: Sun Jan 19 19:42:17 2003

On Jan 19, 11:19, David Holland wrote:

> Acutally, what I'd like to do is plug my 20$ Logitech Optical mouse (no
> plate) into it, but somehow or another, I don't expect to see USB on a
> Crimson anytime soon.

You might be able to get a non-optical mouse from an Indigo or something of
that vintage and change the plug, or make an adaptor.

AFAIK, the Sun optical mice were made by Mouse Systems, and so were the
older SGI mice. The 4DFAQ (aka "This Old SGI") has some instructions to
convert a Sun mouse for an SGI. I'm not sure what effect the modification
has; it could be baud rate. The Sun mice are 1200 baud, while SGI's were
4800 baud, and of course Sun use 0V/+5V while SGI used +/- 5V (roughly,
it's more-or-less RS423 levels). There are also different protocols; SGIs
use 5 bytes, and I think Mouse Systems standard mice used 3. Dunno about

Another thing you might look out for is an older Sun non-optical mouse. I
used to hate the optical ones (because of the limitations of the pad) and
was delighted to find that Sun made an alternative, around the time of the
early Ultras and later Sparcstations.

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