SGI Discussions? was Re: Mac SE/30 accessories availability?

From: David Holland <>
Date: Mon Jan 20 08:50:01 2003


Something I found that may be of use:

Looks like its just an adaptor cable to convert from Crimson DB-15 to
Indigo DIN-6..

Anyone got a PIC programmer they'd use for me? :-) I may be looking
to have someone program a couple of 16F28's here real soon.


On Sun, 2003-01-19 at 20:44, wrote:
> On Jan 19, 11:19, David Holland wrote:
> > Acutally, what I'd like to do is plug my 20$ Logitech Optical mouse (no
> > plate) into it, but somehow or another, I don't expect to see USB on a
> > Crimson anytime soon.
> You might be able to get a non-optical mouse from an Indigo or something of
> that vintage and change the plug, or make an adaptor.
> AFAIK, the Sun optical mice were made by Mouse Systems, and so were the
> older SGI mice. The 4DFAQ (aka "This Old SGI") has some instructions to
> convert a Sun mouse for an SGI. I'm not sure what effect the modification
> has; it could be baud rate. The Sun mice are 1200 baud, while SGI's were
> 4800 baud, and of course Sun use 0V/+5V while SGI used +/- 5V (roughly,
> it's more-or-less RS423 levels). There are also different protocols; SGIs
> use 5 bytes, and I think Mouse Systems standard mice used 3. Dunno about
> Suns.
> Another thing you might look out for is an older Sun non-optical mouse. I
> used to hate the optical ones (because of the limitations of the pad) and
> was delighted to find that Sun made an alternative, around the time of the
> early Ultras and later Sparcstations.
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