Dear Santa, I would like a VAX....

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Date: Mon Jan 20 12:50:02 2003

On Sun, 19 Jan 2003, Witchy wrote:

> > >The DLT looks more like a TZ30 to me (still nice to have) and
> >
> > A good indication that it's a TZ30 is that it's a half-height drive. The
> > TZ30 is the only half-height drive that uses Compact-Tapes.
> It's definitely a TZ30 as that was the only DLT tape option for uVAXen. The
> thing that's puzzling me is the fact they've shoehorned an RX33 in there - I
> thought the 3100-10 was the only machine to have floppy capability......
> I certainly never sold any and I don't remember it being an option for the
> bigger machines. Pity it's front cover is missing too, but for 20-odd quid I
> wouldn't complain :)

That's not exactly right. I've seen everything between TK50Z's and DLT
TZ87's in MicroVAX III-series machines.

Peace... Sridhar
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