What's better than canned air?

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Date: Tue Jan 21 14:55:04 2003

On Jan 21, 13:01, chris wrote:

> The tank is good to about 200 PSI, and comes with a regulator assembly
> and hose. The compressor is good to 250 PSI so it fills it nicely.
> I added a coiled hose and blow gun attachment, and the system works quite
> well. The compressor is a tad loud, so sometimes I walk away and close my
> office door when it is filling (the tank does NOT have a blow off valve,
> so I can't walk away for too long or I risk overfilling, so mostly I just
> go deaf when it fills).

I was wondering about excess pressure the other day. I thought about a
pressure switch to shut off the motor, but they seem to be quite expensive.
 Or am I just looking in the wrong places? Does anyone know where I could
get a pressure switch suitable for about 120 psi, cheaply?

> The only things I don't like are it doesn't last very long. So I find I
> have to refill more often than I would like. Part of the rapid loss of
> air is because one of my connections isn't air tight, so if I leave the
> tank turned on, it slowly bleeds itself (it will go empty over night),

Is it a screw fitting? Take it apart and wind 4"-6" of PTFE tape round it
the male fitting. You can get the tape from any place that sells air
accessories or vacuum pumps, or most plumbers suppliers.

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