What's better than canned air?

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Tue Jan 21 15:17:01 2003

>> The only things I don't like are it doesn't last very long. So I find I
>> have to refill more often than I would like. Part of the rapid loss of
>> air is because one of my connections isn't air tight, so if I leave the
>> tank turned on, it slowly bleeds itself (it will go empty over night),
>Is it a screw fitting? Take it apart and wind 4"-6" of PTFE tape round it
>the male fitting. You can get the tape from any place that sells air
>accessories or vacuum pumps, or most plumbers suppliers.

I believe the leak is in one of the screw fittings. They didn't provide
tape with the tank when I bought it, instead they provided a small tube
of sealant, and the tube was WAY to small to do the job (barely enough to
properly seal one fitting, much less the other 4 needed to complete the

So I am sure the leak is just one of the fittings that I did with no tape
or sealant. I've just never gotten around to buying the tape and taking
it all back apart (about 2 or so years now that I have had the tank).

Each time I think that I should run to the store and get a roll of
tape... I figure I might as well just get a whole new compressor/tank
combo so that I have a larger tank, and one that I can leave one and not
worry about it blowing the tank... and then I think, I'll do just that,
but I'll wait for a sale... then a sale comes, and I decide I don't want
to spend the money... then I go to use my existing tank, forget to turn
it off when done, and it leaks itself empty... and I think I should go to
the store and get a roll of tape... and the cycle continues.

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