Digital AXPpci33 "noname" questions

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Tue Jan 21 17:22:00 2003

> I don't have the ability to cobble up a boot floppy with
> OpenVMS (my DEC 4000 has no RX33 or equivalent), I don't seem
> to have a compatible network card to BOOTP it in, and the FAT

An RX33 is a 5-1/4" disk isn't it - in which case you
are on your own :-)

> So... does anyone know where I can find a reference to which
> network cards are supported for network boot? I have all the

My guess would be a DEC one, e.g. a DE500, and preferably not
one that's too late (I cannot remember which of the 3 or 4
DE500-?? were the later ones). 21143 was the last gen of DEC
PCI ethernet chip wasn't it? If so look for almost anything with
a 21141 (IIRC). It probably does not even have to be a DEC card
since almost all the machine will see will be the chip
on the PCI bus.

> chip, but the ROMs don't seem to like it. Alternatively, in
> a similar vein to what someone else recently requested for
> their Multia, can someone on the list make a raw disk image I
> can "dd" onto a blank floppy? The Unix technique on the HP

I have not heard back as to whether the Multia floppy image
was a success, but I'll happily have another go. Point me
at where the image you want is (otherwise I'm bound
to pick the wrong one) and I'll see if I can build a
floppy using OpenVMS on a VAX and then dd to produce
an image I can email to you.

Antonio Carlini   
Received on Tue Jan 21 2003 - 17:22:00 GMT

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