Digital AXPpci33 "noname" questions

From: Adrien Farkas <>
Date: Thu Jan 23 22:44:32 2003

Antonio Carlini ( wrote :

> I have not heard back as to whether the Multia floppy image
> was a success, but I'll happily have another go. Point me
> at where the image you want is (otherwise I'm bound
> to pick the wrong one) and I'll see if I can build a
> floppy using OpenVMS on a VAX and then dd to produce
> an image I can email to you.

It was definitely a successful step, however it is not usable for
AXPpci. Just go to,
find your model name and go on.

Update floppy is just a FAT-formatted floppy with srm.exe and/or arc.exe
and an update script. You can make yourself easily with a notebook.

...for more info 'finger'
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