Wanted: handheld quote/ticker device or micro FM/satellite peripheral - early 80's and before

From: Marvin Johnston <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Tue Jan 21 23:14:01 2003

A device (FM receiver?) was put out by Lotus Corp. called Signal, and
was used for realtime tracking of the stock market. It interfaced to the
PC, and was apparently based on some type of subscription. I'm not sure
when it was introduced, but IIRC about 1986 or so.

Another interesting device I picked up is a keyboard unit that has
"Reuters" printed on it. The circuit board is (c)1981 and a couple of
the chips I looked at had a code date in 1981. It has an RF input F
connector, a BNC video out, a couple of db9 (de9?) connectors for a
remote keyboard and I/O ports.

> Jim Keohane wrote:
> Looking for handheld quote device, ticker display or any peripheral
> for IBM PC, Apple ][, etc. to pick up ticker broadcast via FM
> Broadcast or geosynchronous satellite broadcast. Does not necessarilly
> have to be functioning. User manual would be great.
> Also interested in micro or other computer software and docs for
> real-time ticker monitoring.
> Prefer something prior to 1984.
> Some items of interested would be: DATA QUOTE software, Satellite
> Info Systems peripheral, Radio Data Retriever, Intra-Day Analyst
> software, Radio Exchange, Pocket Quote (Telemet or Dow Jones),
> DowAlert, Instinet, MERLIN, etc.
> Respond privately to jimkeo_at_multi-platforms.com with SUBJECT: QUOTE
> Thanks! - Jim
> Jim Keohane, Multi-Platforms, Inc.
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