From: Bill Allen Jr <>
Date: Tue Jan 21 23:48:42 2003

 Hi All,

I'm looking for some software for the ibm 5360 ibm

needed is the basic compiler (sys/36 basic) and a set
of diagnostic disks.

i do have eia comms and the optional trailer/disk c
(three hd's) on the system.

copies are ok for both as long as the diag copies are
copied onto diag formated diskettes (the diag format
is different then the normal format, but can be done
on any system 36).

r2r tape is fine also - i have the r2r tape drive on
my sys/36.

ALSO, if anyone needs sys/36 r2r tapes copied onto
diskette, i can do that.

Bill (n8uhn at yahoo dot com)

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