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From: philip_at_awale.qc.ca <(philip_at_awale.qc.ca)>
Date: Wed Jan 22 00:17:44 2003

On 17-Jan-2003 Dwight K. Elvey wrote:
> Hi
> Your questions about caps in old amps are surely
> OT. The PIC stuff is at least close. Still for both
> of these, there are better place. It sounds like
> you've not even researched News Groups.
> 'rec.antiques.radio&phono' is surely a better place
> for your amplifier question and groups like
> 'comp.arch.embedded.piclist' would surely be a better
> place for your pic questions.
> Why, when there are plenty of other resourses that
> are better, would you think that OT subjects are
> OK to dump on this list that is suppose to be dedicated
> to old computers.
> This isn't the only resourse on the net.
> Dwight

I agree with you. I don't think the two subjects I mentioned should be
discussed on classiccmp. I asked about them to see where other folks
thought I should go looking. Word of mouth referal to resources, if you
will. Probably the best way to find the Good Stuff on the net.

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