Digital AXPpci33 "noname" questions

From: David Woyciesjes <>
Date: Wed Jan 22 09:17:01 2003

Ethan Dicks wrote:
> I'm dusting off this old AXPpci33 motherboard of mine and ran into a few
> issues... I'm attempting to upgrade the firmware and I have the file
> from the Digital/Compaq/HP web site (Dec 2002 version), but the
> instructions don't match my situation..

        I'm pretty sure I successfully used RAWRITE under Windows when I
created the disks for my Multia and AXPpci33....

> P.S. - I also can't find any reference to the supported memory
> configurations of the AXPpci33 board - I have some parity 16MB
> SIMMs, giving me 64MB, but I'd like to use some of these parity
> 64MB SIMMs I have here from AIR motherboards (formerly CompuServe
> "CompuHosts"). Got a set of 4 ready to go, but it seems that few
> boards ever supported 64MB 72-pin memory. :-(

        IIRC, the AXPpci33 only takes up to 128 MB RAM, 4 32MB sticks...

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