Dear Santa, I would like a VAX

From: Mark Tapley <>
Date: Wed Jan 22 09:57:00 2003

Ade et al,
        Gotta cast another vote for the 4000 VLC. If you have room for a
laptop and an external CD, you probably have room for this VAX. And if you
use it to learn VMS, you can (when you can get an 8800, or whatever) charge
on ahead to a very asymmetric VAXCluster. Or use it to NetBoot the 8800,
        I know a guy in Houston, TX who at last count had a "stack" of
those with 24M (max) RAM and hard drives with OVMS installed, and for which
he's trying to find good homes. I have not mentioned to him the possibility
of transatlantic shipping, but let me know if you are interested.
        And, if you have a lot more money available: (just came up on

        a 3100-85 for 600 (money units not specified)
        a 3100-80 for 500
        both for 1000. Each includes 3 VT510+keyboard. One includes a CD.
                                                - Mark
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