A plea to classiccmpers

From: Daniel Hicks <danielrhicks_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed Jan 22 13:40:00 2003

There's nothing wrong with Hotmail. And, of course, I realize this mailing
list has subscribers around the world. Mine was a sarcastic comment. It is
because it has subscribers around the world that I said that ... if everyone
griped and complained like he did, there would no longer be any useful
information mailed out. I subscribed because I wanted mail about "classic
computers" not about some guy complaining he gets too much mail.

Anyway, I am done with the subject, and await future mail that is on-topic.

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> On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Daniel Hicks wrote:
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> > Pay by the minute for connection time? You're getting screwed.
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> [snipped]
> Yeah, like Hotmail is the Deal of the Century... I guess where you live
> they never heard of the rest of the world, or that Classiccmp just *might*
> be read in COTUS (Countries Other Than the US)... hmmm?
> When I lived in India, my ISP charged by the message unit, it was not
> uncommon for my monthly bill to be Rs. 15,000 to 17,000. And the Rupee is
> 48 to the dollar - you do the math.
> Of course you seem to miss the point - that on a universal mailing list
> like this, there is a certain etiquette that evolved so all users of the
> List can gain maximum benefit - not just the vast majority of MS users.
> I am running a strictly ASCII mailer - Pine to be exact, under a Unix
> shell account. Mime, Base64, attachments, jpegs... and long, untrimmed
> multi-hundred line (already-read) messages with "Me Too!" prepended is
> what he (and I) (and many others) are complaining about.
> Just FYI....
> Cheers
> John
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