Toshiba laptop wanted (previously?)

From: Jay West <>
Date: Wed Jan 22 13:43:00 2003

I had posted a while back about wanting a Toshiba 3100 laptop.... I think
someone replied with one I could have, but I can't find that email anywhere.

Long and short of it is I need something along the lines of a 286 or so,
that is small enough to fit easily on my electronics bench, and has one ISA
slot, preferrably two. I was thinking the Toshiba 3100 was pretty close to

Can the original person who responded please get back to me, or does someone
else have something close? I'm wanting to put an HP-IB card in the unit to
interface with my test gear, and possibly a wireless card or at least an
ethernet port (I could get the ethernet port with a zircom parallel port
adapter that I have)...


Jay West

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