Bulk erasing disk packs

From: Gooijen H <GOOI_at_oce.nl>
Date: Thu Jan 23 05:43:00 2003


   If you do not have the drive hardware (and computer),
you *cannot* erase the disk packs without rendering them worthless!
Bulk erase will destroy the data *AND* the servo tracks!
If you do bulk erase the disk packs, you can safely throw
them away because most of us (all?) do not have the equipment
to rewrite the servo track information.

BTW. I would like an other RM03 disk pack. I have got only a few
     of those. I hope to spin up my RM03 in a few months; spare
     fuses are standing by ...

- Henk.

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> From: Tim Myers [mailto:tim.myers_at_sunplan.com]
> Sent: donderdag 23 januari 2003 12:17
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> Subject: Bulk erasing disk packs
> I've managed to get a haul of DEC disk packs, the condition on getting
> them out is that I erase them (no drive hardware available
> unfortunately). Some kind of bulk eraser required, I feel, but can I
> make one / get hold of one easily?
> The haul is this:
> 21 x DEC RL02K-DC
> 10 x DEC RL01K-DC
> 3 x DEC RM03-P - I believe these are new and unused.
> 30 x HP 13356 - These 'belong' to the HP 1000 systems that are being
> moved out this weekend.
> Tim.
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