A plea to classiccmpers

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Thu Jan 23 06:55:00 2003

> > Pay by the minute for connection time? You're getting screwed.
> [snipped]

> Yeah, like Hotmail is the Deal of the Century... I guess where you live
> they never heard of the rest of the world, or that Classiccmp just *might*
> be read in COTUS (Countries Other Than the US)... hmmm?

Wasn't that Countries OutsIde The US ?

> When I lived in India, my ISP charged by the message unit, it was not
> uncommon for my monthly bill to be Rs. 15,000 to 17,000. And the Rupee is
> 48 to the dollar - you do the math.

And beeing billed by the minute online time may still be better
then any flat rate. For example, with the phone provider I switched
to recently (owned by the city of Munich), Internet access is
included in the basic service (20 Euro/Month), you'll get the
usual dozend of Mailboxes, 200 MB of mailbox, some 20 MB of
webserver space, and a dial in at1 Euro-Cent per minute online
time (ISDN 64k - double this for a 128k dual chanel link). An
online flat rate would be availabe at some 10-20 Euro (only
night or whole day) - roughly the equivalent of 1000 or 2000
minutes online time. Since the connection is billed by the
minute, and connect time is less than 5 seconds, you usualy
configure the router to cut the connection after a minute of
idle. If one isn't gameing all the time, a online charges are
for Joe Average below 5 Euro/Month. Well, I have to admit, these
numbers are based on my whifes usage, since I did subscribe to
their DSL service, which is still quite expensive. I pay a 57
Euro/Month for the basic phone service and a 1.5M/192k DSL
flat rate.

Still, I prefer to be billed for what services I use. The best
way would be a monthly payment of Zero Euro and all billed
based on what I'm using.

> Of course you seem to miss the point - that on a universal mailing list
> like this, there is a certain etiquette that evolved so all users of the
> List can gain maximum benefit - not just the vast majority of MS users.

> I am running a strictly ASCII mailer - Pine to be exact, under a Unix
> shell account. Mime, Base64, attachments, jpegs... and long, untrimmed
> multi-hundred line (already-read) messages with "Me Too!" prepended is
> what he (and I) (and many others) are complaining about.

John, exactly my opinion here. And to me it isn't the online
time and the amount of money charged for it, it's all the
rubbish which I have to pass over.


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