Apple C3

From: Eric Chomko <>
Date: Fri Jan 24 08:11:00 2003

I thought it was "Apple C3?" C3 was a company that held many DOD contracts. They
got in trouble with the Justice Dept. and ended up merging with and changing their
to Telos. Telos is a small California-originated company that developed much of
Deep Space Network at JPL. Anyway, C3 liked putting their logo on systems when
delivered them to customers as a package. I remember in high school thinking that
somehow owned Interdata as the latter was the system that we had in all American
schools in Europe at the time. Truth is that C3 held the systems contracts for
Interdata computers to all the schools and for that put their logo on the
Perhaps an Apple C3 is a similar situation? The question is did this Apple system
to an indvidual or an organization? Where is the photo to really assist with


Sellam Ismail wrote:

> On Fri, 24 Jan 2003, Paul Mika wrote:
> > Apple 3C
> >
> > The first attempt at Apple to add a hard drive to an Apple II.
> >
> > More like Apple was wandering around and trying to figure out what kind of
> > computers they wanted to make and went to a hard drive.
> > pretty good since everyone uses a hard drive now.
> > AT&T or someone attempted to use a regular audio cassette for the same
> > reason. Wat too slow!!!
> >
> > There is still software out there.
> > Seen on ebay.
> I've never heard of the Apple 3C either. Are you saying Apple made a hard
> drive and gave it a "3C" model number/name?
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