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From: ssj152 <>
Date: Fri Jan 24 20:08:00 2003


I am new here; I've been lurking (reading the archives) for a while, decided
to join. Since I retired I've taken up "retrocomputing" and see a lot of
discussion here about systems I'm interested in and hopefully I'll be able
to contribute at times. I am certainly having fun reading the posts - the
recent posts about "middle posting" really cracked me up!

I am interested in 6502 based systems, especially the KIM-1 and SYM-1. I
currently have a VIM-1 and a SYM-1, having years ago been thickheaded enough
to sell my KIM-1. Wish I had one now, can't afford one on eBay. I have
nothing against the AIM-65, I just have never fooled with one and haven't
been able to pick one up yet.

My interest in small 6502's has been extended to small "trainers" with
different CPU's, like the Heathkit ET-3400 and the HP 5036A. One of these
days I may get around to fooling around with PIC's, but I'm still having too
much fun with the old stuff. I'm looking for a copy of the HP book
"Practical Microprocessors, HP part number 05036-90003" if anyone has an
affordable source for one. I have inquiries out to several "manual" sites
and am awaiting replies.

I also have history with PDP-11's, using RT-11 and RSX-11M. I have a
PDT-11/150 at the present and run RT-11 on it. What I'd really like to have
is a H-11 (yeah, I can really afford way) or better yet, a DCT-11
trainer. I saw 3 of the DCT-11's go by this fall on eBay and wasn't in a
position to bid.

In recent years I worked with VAXes and have several VAXStations and
MicroVAXes, in the 3100 and 4000 series. I'm not sure these qualify as
classic (3100-10e, 4000-VLC, 4000-60, 4000-90). I also have a few Alpha's. -
Multia, AlphaStation 200 4/100, and AlphaServer 1000A. I spent the last 10
years of my career as a systems programmer working with OpenVMS in a process
control (SCADA) environment.

I am not so much a collector as a user and builder of computers and
peripherals. By that I mean I'm not trying to corner the market, open a
museum, or that I consider these computers as "investments". I am not likely
to sell anything, but might be interested in buying a few things, especially
documentation for some of the machines I have. What documentation I have I
may at some time convert to PDF and publish for anyone else interested to
play with.

Stuart Johnson
ssj152 AT charter DOT net
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