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From: Andreas Freiherr <>
Date: Sat Jan 25 09:50:22 2003

Hello Stuart,

welcome to the list from me, too. I am also fairly new to the list
(joined only a couple of months ago), and have some similar interests.
Perhaps I should take the chance and put together a few details about me
as well.

The 6502 was the first microprocessor that I learned details about, but
the 6809 gave me the actual kick. However, I have never owned one of the
home computers that use any of these (nor the Z80). Instead, I have a
boxfull of chips that were soldered together by two friends, containing
a 6809, and I started making a rackmount 6809 several years ago, but did
not finish this project yet (if you can ever call such a project
"finished" at all).

The PDP-11 infection happened when I did my diploma thesis: a
temperature measurement / acquisition system on RSX-11M. Today, I have a
number of Q-bus and UNIBUS systems in working order at home.

For RT-11, I earned a reputation as an "overlay expert" when I managed
to run several applications based on our own GKS (Graphical Kernel
System) library within the address space of 64kB. The overlay tree was
ported from RSX, and the same library was available for TOPS-10, VMS,
several PC (DOS) FORTRAN compilers, and one FORTRAN implementation on
the Atari ST.

I have been using VAX/VMS since some V4.n version, around mid-80s, and
OpenVMS/AXP since 1992, when I had the pleasure to run a field test site
for V1.5, clustered with VAX/VMS V5.5. One of my projects was writing a
print symbiont (using the SMB$ interface to the queue manager, not PSM$


ssj152 schrieb:
> Hi,
> I am new here; I've been lurking (reading the archives) for a while, decided
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