Decserver 700-16 firmware

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Date: Sat Jan 25 04:20:52 2003

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Subject: Decserver 700-16 firmware

>I have got my hands on a couple of old dec terminal servers, and am having
trouble finding the firmware to make them work.
>These devices do not have flash, and are attempting to boot from a bootp
server, so I guess that they need an image.
>Does anybody on the list still have an image for these boxes.
Unfortunately, without software, the boxes appear to >be junk, and it would
be really great to get these boxes going, so that I could connect to various
systems (including my SBC6120) from my pc (via TCP!)

Depending on the amount of flash RAM in those beasties you can either use
mneng1.sys or mneng2.sys, both of which I can have available on a website in
a few minutes. Got to fire one of my VAXen up today for some DCL hacking for
an old customer so I'll kill 2 birds with one stone. If I could lay my hands
on one of my missing CD folders I've also got the DNAS 2.2 CD which contains
all of the above and more.

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