Harvard Mark I Manual On-Line

From: blstuart_at_bellsouth.net <(blstuart_at_bellsouth.net)>
Date: Sat Jan 25 20:37:00 2003

I haven't seen this announced here, so for those of you who
don't read alt.folklore.computers, Al Kossow has made available
a scanned copy of the Manual of Operation for the Harvard
Mark I. It's at:


Be forewarned, however, it's big-about 43Meg.

I have a real soft spot for this one. Back in college, I
was wandering the library stacks one day looking for something
interesting. A book caught my eye. It was a black hardbound
book about 2 inches thich with the simple title Manual of
Operation. Of course, my curiosity was piqued; I just had
to take a look. I'd never heard of the Mark I, but I was
absolutly enthralled. I credit that find with much of my
interest in the history of computing.

By the way, anyone know of an emulator for the Mark I?

Brian L. Stuart
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