Slightly OT? Squished Boxes..

From: Charles E. Fox <>
Date: Sat Jan 25 21:07:00 2003

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>Perhaps this is slightly off topic.. (If so, someone say something, and
>I'll hush..)
>I was down in the basement when I stumbled across my box of moldy old
>software, (mostly pre-1995 IBM PC oriented stuff) and thought to myself,
>"Hmmm, maybe I should put these up on a bookshelf instead of letting
>them rot down here."
>Anyways, upon pulling them out of said box, I noticed a number of the
>boxes had become fairly squished/dented/etc.. (Next time pack them
>better. :-/ )
>Any body ever try to "restore" old software/computer boxes? Got any

         I was recently given a few cubic feet of old Amiga games in
similar condition. About the only solution I could think of was judicious
use of staples.


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