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Date: Sun Jan 26 04:18:00 2003

On Jan 26, 0:21, Doc Shipley wrote:
> On Sat, 25 Jan 2003, Brian Chase wrote:
> > IRIX 6.5 supports pretty much everything from Indys up through their
> > big Origin servers. I don't recall precisely where the cut-off is with
> > support of the older systems. Certainly not any of the R3000 based
> > ones, but I don't remember if the older straight R4000 Indigo2s were or
> > not, but I know that the R5000 Indys and the R4400 Indigo2s are
> > supported--probably the R4600 Indys too--and basically everything more
> > recent than those.
> R4000 and R4600 Indys are supported, meaning the R4k Indigo2 ought to
> be.

6.5 supports R4000 Indigo, all Indigo^2, all Indy, and anything later. A
Crimson needs 5.3 or 6.2, not 6.5. An R3000 Indigo needs 5.3 or earlier.

Actually, some of the older smaller machines run better with 5.3, but you
need a big collection of patches, some of which are hard to find on SGI's
"new improved" web site right now.

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