A cool vintage hardware hack.

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Sun Jan 26 14:46:01 2003

Bob Shannon wrote:
> And I do beleive that I've got the first HP1000 minicomputer with an 8
> gigabyte hard drive too.

First on an E-series maybe, but HP sold SCSI interface cards for
the A-series machines, and I've seen a reference to a large SCSI RAID
box being used on one of those.

But for those of us that use the earlier 1000/2100 machines, your
approach is interesting. Since I want to run HP 2000 Access TSB, I
need a disk system that emulates 7905, 7906, or 7920 drives on a 13037
disk controller attached via a 13175 host adapter. Perhaps your design
would make a good starting point.
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