System/36 whining and begging...

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Sun Jan 26 14:57:00 2003

> Has anyone gotten an 8"
> floppy operating under an Intel based Linux host.

Yes. And some software to read 8" disks and save them as DMK-format
images may be found at:

I haven't yet written code to drive DMK images back to disk, but I
think there's already software that can do it. For more information

Note that many PCs have floppy controllers that can't read and write
single density (FM) disks. If you have such a PC, you might need
to buy a different controller, such as a Catweasel:

I suspect (but am far from certain) that System/36 disks are probably
double density (MFM), which PCs should have no trouble with.

To hook up the 8-inch drive to the PC, you'll need an adapter such
as John Wilson's FDADAP:
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