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Date: Sun Jan 26 18:41:20 2003

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> I used to have an AX/2 server at home quite a while ago, and all I have
> left is the hard drive. I want to get this software off the drive, but
> I threw out my last MFM controller card ages ago.
> Does anybody have a copy of the old RM NET LM software that ran (runs?)
> Z-Net networks of PC186 machines? Even better, does anyone have an ISA
> MFM controller they'd be willing to swap for money? :) eBay hasn't
> turned up anything :(


I've got an AX/2 here in the museum that powers on but I haven't got as far
as connecting a monitor to it yet - I've only had it a couple of years :)
I've also got a few PC1s that have HDs in them so said software might be
installed, though last time I tested them I didn't have a suitable monitor.
Can you remember what spec the monitors used?


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