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From: Peter Hicks <Peter.Hicks_at_POGGS.CO.UK>
Date: Mon Jan 27 13:58:00 2003

Witchy wrote:

>I've got an AX/2 here in the museum that powers on but I haven't got as far
>as connecting a monitor to it yet - I've only had it a couple of years :)
>I've also got a few PC1s that have HDs in them so said software might be
>installed, though last time I tested them I didn't have a suitable monitor.
>Can you remember what spec the monitors used?
Funnily enough, a PC1 should be winging its way to me "real soon now",
complete with monitor and manual. I'll have a look for you. I doubt
they're standard VGA monitors. When I get my hands on the manual, I'll
mail you off-list and let you know pinouts, if I can find them.

The AX/2 takes a 'standard' (for once) VGA monitor. I still have my
AX/2's monitor sitting on my firewall here. Its a little dodgy, but it
managed to display 800x600 at 256 colours inbetween the time I bought my
PC and the time I'd saved enough for a 17" monitor.

If you manage to get either the AX/2 or any of the PC1's up and running,
I'd be most grateful for anything off their hard drives.

Best wishes,

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