A cool vintage hardware hack.

From: Bob Shannon <bshannon_at_tiac.net>
Date: Sun Jan 26 22:12:01 2003

Umm, and 'H' series drive needs the 12821A controller board, not the 13037!

13037's are only for MAC disks, ICD drives (the 'H' drives) don't use a
13037 at all, they
just run directly to a 12821 as far as I can tell from the documentation.

Jay West wrote:

>Eric wrote...
>>But for those of us that use the earlier 1000/2100 machines, your
>>approach is interesting. Since I want to run HP 2000 Access TSB, I
>>need a disk system that emulates 7905, 7906, or 7920 drives on a 13037
>>disk controller attached via a 13175 host adapter. Perhaps your design
>>would make a good starting point.
>7900A drives work as well for TSB, not just the 7905/6/20 drives. The 7900A
>drives do not require the 13037 controller or subsystem, they just require a
>13210 disc interface pca in the cpu. Totally different interface between
>7900, to 7905/06/20. Also, be careful on the 7906, as only the A-D models
>will work with TSB. The H model, which is HP-IB, will not (at least via a
>direct HP-IB PCA card - if the H model 7906 drive is hooked up to a 13037
>subsystem that supports HP-IB as well {not many 13037 subsystems had the
>HP-IB option} then it MAY work on TSB if the HP-IB portion of the 13037 is
>"hidden"). I'll have to try that someday.
>Also, the host adapter and the disc controller subsystem box are both called
>13037. Never heard of a 13175? Am I missing something?
>Also, check out the 7900/7905/7906/7920 drive emulator at arraid.com (AEM
>box I think). I hope to be receiving one of those soon.
>Jay West
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