A cool vintage hardware hack.

From: Charlie Root <root_at_ns2.ezwind.net>
Date: Mon Jan 27 18:35:48 2003

no, the 7906H CAN hook up to a 13037, IF the model 13037 disc subsystem box
you have, happens to have the HP-IB option card in it! I have several of
these, and I'm quite sure the 7906H can hook up to a 12821A controller,
as well.

Example: I have a 13037 pca card, going to a 13037 disc controller subsystem,
which has both 7905 ICD drives on it, a 7906D, AND a 7906H.

Not a lot of the 13037 disc subsystems have the HP-IB option. I was lucky
enough to acquire a couple that do. So, the 7906H can go to either.


Jay West
(Just look at the back of the 13037 disc subsystem. If it ALSO has an
obvious HP-IB connector on the back you have the optional HP-IB upgrade)
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