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From: Peter Hicks <Peter.Hicks_at_POGGS.CO.UK>
Date: Mon Jan 27 14:04:00 2003

Tony Duell wrote:

>Whether an ST506/ST412 interfaced drive uses MFM or RLL encoding depends on the controller, not the drive. RLL wasa method of encoding the data so
>as to fit more of it into the same space without increasing maximum number of transistions on the medium. IIRC, though, you needed a higher 'resolution' to do this...
I recall the age old DD/HD debate with the floppies - is there really
just one production line, and disks that are 'good enough' get stampted
with HD in the top right corner, and the rest are just deemed DD and put
in to other boxes.

>>Drop me a mail off-list, name your price and we'll take it from there...
>The price would be exssentially free _if I have one you can use_. I have a fair number of them, of different types, so knowing a little more about
>what you are looking for would help.
You're a good man, Mr Duell! I've formed a plan of action - if the PC1
I'm getting can read the drive, I'm sorted. If not, I should be in a
better position to do some digging, maybe with the help of Witchy on
this list.

>>but only if you have cables! :)
>The cables are trivial to make up using standard ribbon cable and connectors. I may have some, if not, I would have to charge for any new components I bought.

Watch this space, I'll report back once I have a PC1 cluttering the
cramped conditions here!

Best wishes,

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