A cool vintage hardware hack.

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Mon Jan 27 19:22:00 2003

Jay wrote:
> Example: I have a 13037 pca card, going to a 13037 disc controller
> subsystem, which has both 7905 ICD drives on it, a 7906D, AND a 7906H.

Can the computer distinguish a 7906H attached to the 13037 box via HPIB
from an 7906D attached to the 13037 box by the "traditional" interface?
I'd like to think that because the 13037 box is an "intelligent" controller,
they should look the same to the host.

This would be convenient for me, since it should be fairly easy to
write a program for a PC with an HPIB card to emulate a 7906H. If
anyone has any 7906H technical documentation, that is. I suppose the
7906H predates the Amigo, CS/80, and SS/80 specs, and probably had
some earlier and less sophisticated command set.
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