Model 100 DVI drive

From: James Rice <>
Date: Tue Jan 28 13:24:00 2003

I used a spare 1/2 ht 360k floppy out of a Tandy 1000. Worked like a
dream. Sometimes I miss my Model-T's.


Fred Cisin (XenoSoft) wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Cini, Richard wrote:
>>Hello, all:
>> Does anyone know if the specs on the Model 100 Disk-Video Interface
>>is the same as the CoCo disks? I have a single-drive DVI and a single
>>low-profile CoCo disk drive. They physically look to be the same but I
>>wanted to be sure before I lashed them together.
> WHICH specs?
> If you're asking about the disk format:
> They use a similar logical structure with different parameters; mutually
> incompatible, but same idea for DIR structures. (I use the same
> subroutine for both, with different variables)
> Both use 300 oerstedt ("360K") diskettes.
> If you are asking whether you can install a second (or replace
> original) drive:
> YES.
> It is an "industry standard" flopy drive. You need to use a drive that is
> 300 RPM, and can properly handle 250K data transfer rate ("180K" or
> "360K"), such as Shugart/Matsushita/Panasonic 455, Teac 55B, etc.
> Only thing to watch for would be termination and drive select.
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