Tamper proof tools

From: Vulcanjedi Classic <classiccmp_at_vulcanjedi.com>
Date: Tue Jan 28 13:39:00 2003

Greetings programs.
I must de-lurk here for a video game related item :)
The security bits used to open Sega and Nintendo items are 4.5mm and 3.8mm
inverted torx bits. www.mcmelectronics.com
part numbers 22-1150 and 22-1145 and they are listed at $1.99 each. They
also have the tri wing bits that open gamecube and gameboy stuff.
They are also a source for replacement cartridge edge connectors and other
video game hardware.

I promise my next post will be about free CBM and PET computers in the
Philadelphia PA USA area. :)

www.vulcanjedi.com 30 years of game history!

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Yep there they are again :) Now that I have a few names to search with I can
find exactly what I need. But at $15 a piece that makes it spendy at the
moment. But hey it's for the nomad after all... :)
Thank you
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