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> Funnily enough, a PC1 should be winging its way to me "real soon now",
> complete with monitor and manual. I'll have a look for you. I doubt
> they're standard VGA monitors. When I get my hands on the manual, I'll
> mail you off-list and let you know pinouts, if I can find them.

It's well over a year since I last had them plugged in so I can't remember
what monitor I was trying to use; at the time I got an un-sync'd blue BIOS
screen so at least they powered up. Nowadays I've got more monitors than I
know what to do with, but they all belong to machines that will eventually
be exhibited. The old Amsturd PC series monitors (and therefore the Sinclair
PC200, which is an Amsturd PC20 in a black case, which essentially contains
the motherboard of the PPC series of portable machines) were either CGA or
EGA so they may work with the RMs.
If I remember tomorrow I'll dig one of each out and try it.

<scribbles note on piece of paper>

> The AX/2 takes a 'standard' (for once) VGA monitor. I still have my
> AX/2's monitor sitting on my firewall here. Its a little dodgy, but it
> managed to display 800x600 at 256 colours inbetween the time I bought my
> PC and the time I'd saved enough for a 17" monitor.

I'll live in hope then :)

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