ibm sys/36 5360 basic needed

From: Colin Eby <>
Date: Wed Jan 29 07:49:00 2003

Bill - The tape drives are Reel 2 Reel (of course) I've been thinking of
keeping one of those for show, but if I get a taker for the system I'll
have to leave that up to them.  As to the 5363... are you sure you're not
confusing that with the 5364. That really was a PC sized machine, and one
I'm definitely after. It came bundled with an IBM PC (model 5560 I think)
which acted as the console. The 5363 is nearly the size of the 5362. It
looks like a first generation AS/400. They both use the 5 1/4" disks.  As
to keeping the 5360, well you're right about the 8" media being more
common. But then, the 5362 takes the same media, and is about 1/10 the
size. In fact it's just as powerful processor wise. The difference is a
smaller card cage and smaller disk capacity. The 5360 I have has at least
4 of those 19" platter disks. The 5362 take up to 2 of the 14" variety. I
have just the one in the 5362. And no-one's prying the '62 from my cold
dead fingers. The biggest challenge I have with that is modifying the
power supply when, as is the plan, I move over to the UK. It's wired for
110v only. The 5360 is strickly 220, and it may even be three phase. I
don't honestly recall. On to the PC file copy utility: I'm afraid it's
one of the feature sets I don't have media for. I do have an emulator
card set up. Just to make it interesting, I'm using a MCA version plugged
into an IBM PS/2 Model 70 Luggable running OS/2 (just wanted to tick off
as many obscure IBM technology boxes as possible). No problem with the
workstation connectivity (so long as the couplers joining the 4 pieces of
phone cord from the study to the living room don't pull loose, he he).
But without the feature set on the host, there's no copying capability.
There's media going, but it's fetching a really good price (see my note
about the e-Pay auction). -Colin
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National Performance Engineeering Practice
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