Model 100 DVI drive

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        I don't have a CoCo, but I do have a DVI. So I was going to raid the
drive from an external CoCo drive that I somehow got and use it in the DVI.

        I was concerned more with electrical compatibility than software
compatibility. I didn't realize that in those machines Tandy used standard
floppy drives. I guess by that point in time, many manufacturers (except
Apple and Commodore) standardized on an IBM-style drives rather than
proprietary setups.

        I'm sure I'm over-generalizing and will start a sprightly discussion
on disk formats :-)

        Thanks to all who responded.


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I cannot remember what the model 100 used for a drive.

the coco and coco 2/3 both used standard (ibm
compatable) mfm, 5 1/4 in, single sided, low density
floppy drives.

the card edge connector for the coco cable between the
interface cart and floppy was a streight thru cable -
(pin 1 went to pin 1 etc).

i have used standard 360k floppys on the coco - it
only uses one side of the diskette for 180k.

if the model 100 has the same pinout and uses a
standard mfm dirve it should work.

btw the coco drive case did have a power supply in it
for the drive - power did not come from the cart.


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Hello, all:

        Does anyone know if the specs on the Model 100
Disk-Video Interface
is the same as the CoCo disks? I have a single-drive
DVI and a single
low-profile CoCo disk drive. They physically look to
be the same but I
wanted to be sure before I lashed them together.



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