DEC RZ28 2gb drive

From: Paul Thompson <>
Date: Thu Jan 30 11:35:01 2003

RZDISK from the Compaq VMS freeware CD will low level format among other

                **** SCSI Disk Utility Menu ****$
        Usage: rzdisk [-q] [-m] [-b] -cdfghiprstuwy [LBN|command] [length] device
        -f vendor device Formats disk with VENDOR only defects.8
        -f known device Formats disk with all KNOWN defects.(
        -f device Formats a floppy diskette..
        -r 1234 device Reassigns bad block (1234).8
        -s 0 -1 device Scans the entire disk for bad blocks./
        -i device Prints out the inquiry data info.
        -d bfi device Reads defect list in BFI format.7
        -d sector device Reads defect list in SECTOR format.
        -d block device Reads defect list in BLOCK format.8
        -c device Changes disk parameters to DEFAULT VALUES.8
        -c ask device Changes disk parameters interactively.8
        -g current device Gets CURRENT disk drive parameters.5
        -g saved device Gets SAVED disk drive parameters.
        -g default device Gets DEFAULT disk drive parameters.>
        -g changeable device Gets CHANGEABLE disk drive parameters.%
        -p device Gets the disk capacity.
        -t device Test of device.
        -t full device Full test of device.
        -q (may precede any option) dumps data to/from device.
        -b (may precede -c or -g option) treat page 37 as foreign.
        -m (may precede -c option) masks parameters with changeable values.%
        -n Disable pagination of output.
        -u spin up a device (start unit)
        -w spin down a device (stop unit)&
        -y report whether device is ready"
        -h Prints out this help menu.

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Witchy wrote:

> Hi list,
> In my old days as a DEC VAR I'd just call support on this one, but this is
> my own kit so I don't have that choice. I recently found an old RZ28
> (Seagate drive I think, have to check) I'd forgotten I had so I stuck it in
> my 3100-90 for testing. Stuff like $analyze/disk/repair work fine (vms 7.3
> courtesy of my last workplace :) but part way through
> $analyze/media/exercise=full the drive goes offline so it obviously has a
> Bad Area on it. Anyone know if a low level reformat is possible??
> cheers
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> adrian/witchy
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