SGI GIO64 FDDI card trade

From: Jochen Kunz <>
Date: Thu Jan 30 11:37:00 2003


I have a SGI Indigo2 [1] with a SGI GIO64 FDDI / CDDI SAS UTP card. I
don't have copper ports on my concentrator, so I need the equivalent DAS
fiber optic FDDI card. (SAS would do also, but DAS would better fit in
my network topology.) I can trade the UTP SAS card and possibly soon a
SGI Extreme GFX for the DAS fiber FDDI card.

Alternative: A CDDI/copper to FDDI/fiber optic media converter or a
CDDI/copper interface module for my Hirschmann MC 10-03 concentrator.
If someone wants to get "rid" of this "obsolete" FDDI stuff, please drop
me a mail. ;-)

I am located in Germany.

[1] The I2 was released 5/93, so it is nearly on topic. :-)
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