In a previous life the mircomputers I used to sell were the...

From: chris <>
Date: Thu Jan 30 20:42:01 2003

>Please add to the list your personal experience of computers sales.
>If you didn't sell it don't add it.

Do you want actual "sales" as in worked in a computer store and pushed
the stuff on people, or do you count VAR sales.

If you count VAR sales, then my company VAR'd the MacXL, Toshiba T1000
laptop (I think that was the model, I have one left somewhere), Apple
II+, Corona luggable, IBM System 23, and I recently came across paperwork
that indicates we did the IBM 5110 as well.

There may be others, those are just the ones I remember/know of (I
suspect we also did the Lisa 2, 128k Mac, and have a feeling on a
TeleVideo, the all in one model that had the drives/CPU mounted on end
next to the tiltable monitor)

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