DEC M501 board

From: David Gesswein <>
Date: Thu Jan 30 20:47:00 2003

From: "Will Jennings" <>
>Can anyone tell me if this board is supposed to have a crystal or something
>plugged into it? It has this little 2-hole socket-type thing on it, but
>without looking at others, I cannot tell if there is something that belongs
>there... This is part of some variation of the KW8I clock, FYI.
The two pin connector on the edge goes to a transformer on the bottom of
an 8/I to the left of the fans. It is a schmitt trigger to convert your line
frequency into a clock pulse for the real time clock.

If you need a picture I can take one.

The schematic is in the 8/I maintenance manual I have online, pg II-57, volume

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