TRS-80 / System 80

From: Doug Jackson <>
Date: Mon May 5 19:18:00 2003


I recieved 2 System-80's, and had this fault in both cases.

In the first case, there was a memory expansion that was very poorly wired,
removing it, cleaning the sockets, and reinstalling the correct memory
helped, and it now works a treat.

In the second case, there was a disk controller installed in the bottom of
the system. I discovered that if the FDC chip was removed, the system
booted. I de-installed this modification, and the system works! (Later, I
found out that the random characters was a symptom of the system waiting for
a boot floppy [which I didn't have])

There is also a flexible cable between the video and the cpu board that
could have faulty contacts. Giving this a clean should help.

Hope that this helps.


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Subject: TRS-80 / System 80

Hi All

I have just acquired a System 80 MkII (distributed in Australasia by
Dick Smith Electronics).

On power up I get the LED power light ok but a screen full of random
characters, the reset switch does nothing. I've had it apart and there
are no loose connections or chips on the two main boards and no sign of
any burnt or expired components.

Has anyone had similar problems and / or knows what the problem is?



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