Trenton Computer Festival

From: chris <>
Date: Mon May 5 20:36:00 2003

>best price (of whatever
>is left): as late as possible.

Yeah... when I was at TCF, there was one lady barking "Macs and PCs, two
for $5". It was mostly < Pentium 100's or 68k macs, but she had a few
early PPCs... if I had a cart I would have grabbed the PPCs at $2.50 each!

She did have a PowerMac 5400 that my brother expressed interest in. But
then she pointed out to him that it had no logic board or drives... it
was just the screen, case, power supply. She dropped the price to
$1.00... then told him he could just take it... I think if we waited
another minute, she would have offered us money to take it with us (we
left it behind... didn't want to carry the heavy MF even if it was free)

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