Northstar File Transfer from PC

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Mon May 5 20:40:01 2003

Hi Dwight,

Being able to transfer disk images would be a good thing! The monitor on
the N* is on the disk, and I don't *think* there is one built into ROM
... at least on an unmodified machine. And I believe the monitor is also
a N* DOS program as opposed to something on the CP/M disk, but I'll have
to check that to be certain. The CPU board does have provisions for
adding an EPROM but I'm not certain how it is accessed. Somehow I've
misplaced a box of N* stuff that had a lot of utilities. *Hopefully*, my
HD is still readible although I haven't accessed it in many years. If
not, oh well :).

"Dwight K. Elvey" wrote:
> Hi Marvin
> Maybe this isn't exactly what you are looking for
> but I'm currently working on some software to transfer
> entire disk images through the serial port of a H89
> to a PC. I have another friend checking out my first
> version, now. I hope to do a similar things for the
> N*'s as soon as I get one of these machines up and
> running ( on my list of things to do ).
> I suppose that once the image is on the PC, one can
> modify the image to include any new files, one wants
> and then transfer it back to the N*. It isn't a nice
> direct method but my main intent is to get some way
> to send disk images over the net and not specifically
> individual files.
> I haven't fiddled with the N* at all and don't
> know a lot about it. The H89 has a simple monitor that
> I use to hand enter a simple bootstrap program. With
> this, I bring in the rest of the code to run the disk
> drive. Does the N* have a ROM based monitor?
> I also have a similar setup for my Poly88 but that is
> setup for getting code into the Poly88 and tape from the PC.
> I used this to create code to do the various tape
> copying functions. I can read code from a cassette
> tape, transfer it through the serial to the PC and
> later feed it back through the serial to the Poly88
> to write back onto tape. I use a similar bootstrapping
> code to get things started, through the Poly's monitor.
> Dwight
> >From: "Marvin Johnston" <>
> >
> >What is the procedure for transfering files to and from a PC using N*
> >DOS? For text from the N* to the PC, no problem, just print it out to
> >the terminal (a DOS machine) and capture it. But what about going the
> >other way, wanting to get information back to the N*? Any information
> >appreciated!
> >
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