Working 8" Floppy drives???

From: Jochen Kunz <>
Date: Thu May 8 15:35:01 2003

On 2003.05.08 20:09 Ethan Dicks wrote:

> Even getting past electrical issues, one trick would be how to
> low-level format the disks.
There are RX01/RX02 compatible controllers with standard Shugart SA800
interface from third party vendors. I have one called MXV02. This
controller is able to format blank media. I had no 8" drive when I wrote
the NetBSD RX02 driver, so I connected a 5.25" drive with a self made
adapter cable, issued on the ">>>" prompt of my MicroVAX 4k200:
d/p/w 20001E78 9
d/p/w 20001E7A 92
(single density)
d/p/w 20001E78 109
d/p/w 20001E7A 92
(RX02 with ouble density)
and the controller started to format the disk.
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